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The i choose campaign is unique in the sense that its materials are customizable, adaptable to any age group, ethnicity, population and/or vaccine-preventable disease and can include educational information to be utilized and distributed in healthcare, educational or other community settings. Check out our gallery to see how others have used the i choose campaign. Whether you are a health professional or community advocate, you can use the tools on this page to develop and promote the i Choose movement in your community.

i choose Posters:
Download and print posters to display in your community.

i Choose Promotion Poster

50+ Poster

Healthcare Worker Poster

Pregnant Poster

Mom with Small Children Poster (English)

Mom with Small Children Poster (Spanish)

Preteen Poster

i Choose Campaign Implementation Materials

Campaign Presentation
You can use this presentation to tell people about i Choose near you.
(coming soon)

Customizable Poster Templates
Click on the links below to download a template to help you create your own i Choose community poster!
InDesign version CS3 | MS Word version

Photo Shoot Guidelines
Click on the link below to download a template with guidelines on how to take an i Choose photo and plan an i Choose photo shoot.
i Choose Photo Shoot Guidelines

You will need the forms below when you conduct a photo shoot and/or use someone's photo in a community poster or other i Choose promotional materials.
i Choose Personal Immunization Statement and release form (adult)
i Choose Personal Immunization Statement and release form (minor)

Other Promotional Materials
Below are other materials to help you promote i Choose near you!
i Choose Campaign Information Flyer
i Choose Banner Sticker Template
i Choose Find My Shot Sticker Template
i Choose Logo Sticker Template
i Choose mom Postcard
i Choose pregnant mom Postcard

i choose Web banners
Download promotional web banners to be placed on organization websites, blog sites, personal websites, emails or other web-based applications.
i choose Web Banner - rectangular format (right click to download)
i choose Web Banner - square format (right click to download)