About i choose

Making the decision of whether or not to immunize is a huge responsibility and at i choose, we believe it’s most important you make an informed choice. Whatever your current views are on immunizations, this site is designed to serve as a resource for you.

While most people do ultimately choose to immunize themselves or their children, we don’t want to forget about those that have questions about vaccines or who are not planning to immunize. With all of the vaccine information you receive on the internet, from your doctor, friends or from other sources, it can be challenging to know if you are making a well-informed decision.

If you are still unsure or are simply searching for support of your choice, you are not alone. There are many people like you who seek reliable vaccine information. Overall, we strive to provide you with reputable vaccine information, address common vaccine concerns and work to reduce false vaccine publicity. If you have already made the decision to immunize, you can become a part of the i choose movement today. Upload your photo and tell us your story of why you choose to immunize; and see others near you who are also choosing to immunize.

Our site includes informational pages regarding, vaccine safety, the vaccine schedule, the diseases that are prevented by vaccines, recent vaccine-preventable-disease outbreaks in California and general vaccine 
. You may also wish to visit our page that outlines things to keep in mind if you are considering not vaccinating your child or yourself.

You can use our site to network with other parents by participating in our parent blog and by utilizing our parent resource list. You can also view authentic personal video testimonies of people who have been affected by vaccine-preventable-diseases, see pictures of people in your community and learn why they choose to immunize and access links to other valuable vaccine resources.

The “Get Involved” feature on this website includes a list of i choose partners and tools for health professionals and advocates in order to develop and promote i choose in your community.

Thank you for visiting whyichoose.org and we look forward hearing from you.

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